You will need to gather 5 or more players near the Entrance Guide NPC for the guide open the door to 3F. Alternatively they may be crafted for 200 Gray Shards at the Dimension Wanderer NPC located just outside of the instance entrance. Added Auto-Magnify NPC. Added the Thanatos Tower Instance. If you don’t have activated Thanatos Tower in Kafra teleport, you can go to Thanatos Tower by talking to an NPC named, Karthaus Airship Managerat the top right corner of the map (2 o’clock). This raid will require a 12-man party and works similar to the Endless Tower. Here’s what to do to clear Floors 1F and 2F. All monsters have moderate chance to drop Gray Shard, which is required to purchase equipments and weapons at the end of the instance. You can craft these weapons out of 200 Gray Shardsat the King NPC before you exit the instance. Thanatos Tower Instance (level 85+) Complete: Thanatos boss fight is now instance based; Separate PvP from Kafra Postponed. Interested in extracting its secrets, Rekenber Corporation planned to reconstruct all thirteen of the tower's floors and conduct excavations that will continue the artifact research started by the great Sage Varmundt. 1. Meaning a 1000% increment. The new map comes with one (1) town and two (2) fields, along with 9 new mobs you can farm and 3 MVPs to hunt. those kind of instances are always a group effort. Have a tank distract Rathgricy, ideally away from the main party. Thanatos Tower Quest: Requirements: Base Level: None Party: 5+ People for Level 3 Access Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Fragment of Misery, 1 Fragment of Agony, 1 Fragment of Hatred, 1 Fragment of Despair: Item(s) (Not Consumed): Equippable Level 4 Weapon Quest Prerequisite(s): Transcendent Class or 95+ Expanded Class characters Rewards: Quest Reward(s): … It's great that we have a custom Morocc instance but that doesn't cater much to beginner and mid-level players. :) Danielle, on November 11th, 2008 at 10:53 am Said: please tell me the codes of the yellow key :D. Eli, on November 11th, 2008 at 5:36 pm Said: The codes for the Yellow Key change every time you fail 5x in a row…Took me over 30 tries. 2. Floor 01 (Guardian’s Hall) Agro the Rathgricy (Boss) the Valkyrie to start the instance (crystals are invulnerable until then). The pathway to the top of the tower should now appear in the center of the floor. 24. If the player has the [Black Key] and is Base Lv.95 or above, it can enter regardless of Job or Rebirth status. A guide on Thanatos Tower 2F (tha_t02 231, 161) blocks the entrance to 3F. Removed level restriction to access upper floors. For the brave difficulty specifically, you can get the Dusty Rune Stone which can randomly give you a Class A or Class B skill rune. @instance Shows available instances. Doram and Thanatos Tower - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Currently there are only 2 ways for doram to climb level 7 and above of Thanatos Tower: 1. Thanatos Tower F7 ~ F11 are now farming zone. 19. The time limit is 2 hours to defeat Thanatos. Once all 4 ghosts have been defeated, the party will be summoned to (xx, yy) on the north platform and after a short speech, Memory of Thanatos will spawn directly next to them. Defeat Ancient Puppets to summon the Tesseract (Boss). Han'ei Zotaru 62,718 views. Be level 121-130 The reason is because the first quest to get the key is to insert level 4 weapon, while Dorams only level 4 weapon is on level 175. Once you have entered the map "thana_boss" via the 12th floor, an NPC named Thanatos will allow you to challenge him. Finishing this instance will reward you the Arcane Ancient Box (Novice Difficulty) or Arcane Treasure (Brave difficulty). Talk to him and select Go to the Thanatos Tower. Note: if you'd like help finding the number, try this site. : Base Lv. Modified Mistress Card's gemstone … Feature Commands; @hello / @hi Personal assistance with various guidelines! Point system based on kills within PvP; Ranking added to the main website. There will be a 2 hour cooldown before he can be summoned again by anyone. Defeat Rathgricy before its energy reaches 100%. 2. Kill Temple Overlords as they can repair Crystals. Thanatos Tower added a new Evil Sword Store. Revamp Thanatos Tower. (See Advanced Rune System Guide above.) (normal top floor can no longer accessible) Monsters spawned on 9F, 10F, 11F and 12F will be replaced by new stronger monsters. Make sure to attack and deplete it before killing and exploding the Temple Guard. Avoid the circular patterns on the ground, they explode! The instance is so hard (so I've heard -- I've never actually tried it) that it requires a coordinated team. Sign up with her for the quest. 4:39 . To prevent from gathering all the soul shards, the evil Swordsman revived. 13. Fall and General Plans., Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike, Transcendent Class or above level 95 Expanded Class characters, It's not required that you be in the same. This basically merges 2 parties to create a 12-man team party. A guide on Thanatos Tower 2F tha_t02231161 blocks the entrance to 3F. 205 Responses to “Thanatos Tower – Quest Guide” famiong, on November 10th, 2008 at 8:41 pm Said: nice guide. 91 or above. All monsters in this instance are either Demon, Demi-Human or Undead (race), and have Undead, Shadow, Ghost, Wind or Earth element. (Option on NPC) Modified chat room and vending distance from 1 to 2. The Endless Tower instance lasts until the party either gives up or runs out of time, after which time all players will be teleported out of the dungeon. The Thanatos Weapons are magical weapons sculpted out of Gray Shard to counteract the power of the Devil Sword Thanatos. Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 adds Thanatos Tower a 12 player instance to the game. Instances (Memorial Dungeons) are zones where a map is dedicated for your party. Endless tower, Nidhogg's dungeon and Thanatos tower are instances we've all played a lot in the past already. You will need to gather 5 or more players will the guide open the door to 3F. Monsters spawned on 9F, 10F, 11F and 12F will be replaced by new stronger monsters. This quest or instance can be repeated. If it does your team will fail. Job EXP: 1,000,000. Be level 175 2. Fixed RSW files for new instance: 1@thts 2@thts 3@thts 4@thts 5@thts 6@thts 7@thts 8@thtsrequare latest data fileskRo news: The Tower Of Thanatos Once all 4 Crystals (See Above) are destroyed you can damage and defeat Rathgricy. Players who finished Rune Master Job advanced quest ... New qualification terms: when all the party members enter the Cake Battle instance, the system will check if everyone is qualified for the rewards. (normal top floor can no longer accessible) New instance bosses This new "Memory of Thanatos" will … A new dungeon instance called the Thanatos Tower will be available on Episode 6. ... Royal Guard MVP Buwaya Instance | pRO Valkyrie - Duration: 4:39. Thanatos Tower is an awe inspiring sight today, but it was crumbling ruins when it was rediscovered by the Rekenber Corporation.