The skeleton has huge teeth, a long snout, and deep-set eyes. Daeodon, one of the largest, if not the largest, entelodont artiodactyls, lived 25-18 million years ago in North America. To think this is one of the smaller entelodont species. The Daeodon or Dinohyus which means “Terrible Pig” in Greek, is an extinct entelodont that lived in 25 to 18 million years ago in North America. Despite their nickname, “hell pig,” the entelodont has no relation to modern pigs as evolutionarily, they’re closer to hippos or whales. Indeed, whatever meat they did scrounge on they likely picked off of carcasses they themselves hadn’t killed. Foss, S. E., 2001, Systematics and paleobiology of the Entelodontidae (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) [Ph.D. dissertation]: Dekalb, Northern Illinois University, "A correction of the generic name (Dinochoerus) given to certain fossil remains from the Loup Fork Miocene of Nebraska", "Preliminary note on a gigantic mammal from the Loup Fork Beds of Nebraska",,, "Abstract of Papers. 0 Comments. Aptly named, Daeodon comes from the Greek word