I've tried two of your recipes, and they're both keepers. The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. Thanks! I have more turkey chili recipes on my blog that you may enjoy, including this Turkey Sweet Potato Chili, my Turkey White Bean Chili, this Instant Pot Turkey Chili, and my Crockpot Turkey Chili. Not sure if different brand of beans would change this, I used Goya. Both were great! For this recipe, I would say I at least doubled all the spices. Next time I would add the chili powder to the meat though. It freezes well also. Heat a large heavy saute pan over high heat and lightly spray with oil. That's odd to mean since one would think that "beans are beans." 🙂 Thanks!! I am so excited to try it and share the reviews with you. Mine doesn't look quite as pretty as yours, but it tastes amazing and that's all I care about! skinnytaste Verified Warm Up with a healthy bowl of this Turkey Pumpkin Chili made with ground turkey and 5 blood pressure lowering ingredients: canned pumpkin, white beans, cocoa powder, garlic and spinach. Skinnytaste 4yr ago 99. Barb. Great base recipe for a different kind of chili. I think it has more to do with the type of turkey you get as well.  Thank you for providing detailed instructions for both IP and slow cooker. Made this last night on the stove-top, simmered for about an hour and it was great! Sorry if it's confusing, this cooks only once. He was able to eat a big bowl of it without having heartburn when he went to bed. We topped with Trader Joe's ff Greek yogurt (you'd never know it wasn't sour cream). Love all your recipes! great recipe! If you use 1 pound of turkey, it will be 3 points per serving. I turned it off around 7 hours. Also used a whole pumpkin instead of puree. Slow-Cooker Turkey, White Bean, and Pumpkin Chili p 65 - this was ok but I really had to pump up the spices at the end. Delicious! My family loved it and I had to use about 1/4 of the chili powder to get rave reviews. This gave it the perfect level of heat and flavor. I spiced mine up with some Valentina hot sauce & topped with 2% sharp cheddar.  But every time I’ve made it on my stove top it’s been perfect. Bon appetit! I have this in my crock-pot right now and it already smells delicious! Even then I felt like I could have even tripled the seasoning, but that’s just. Rating. I made this today–SO GOOD. Haven’t had one that we haven’t liked yet !Â. Made this last weekend to rave reviews from the hubby. I love pumpkin and this is such a great PP value. That was a nice (and secret) dose of vitamin A. I did think it was a bit thick after cooking, so I added a bit more broth before serving. Currently enjoying it! I used chipotle chili powder and added a half of a jalapeño pepper so the heat was right on. I made this today, and it is awesome. I would say that this was a hit! And LOVE the 3pp for a cup 😉. The recipe says 0 freestyle points. Gina – Sorry to be a pain, but now I'm just really baffled. An easy chili made with pumpkin, turkey, white beans, green chili & spices. I have been reading your blog for awhile and finally decided to try some recipes. I love the idea of turkey, white bean, and pumpkin chili but think this needs a little tweaking. I am excited to make this recipe tomorrow for my mom who's visiting all the way from Vietnam! Thank you! Gina – I just made this for dinner tonight and it was absolutely AMAZING!!!! Next time I make this I will find some seasoning to add to the turkey while it's cooking on the stove.I also didn't think it needed to cook the whole 4 hours in the crockpot. Made this tonight for the first time. Sounds delish! So good! Thanks! It smells delish! Hi, Gina! Also made the Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Yogurt Cupcakes and they were also a big hit.  Do you really not stir things before setting the crock-pot and letting things cool? What do you advise,  thanks., suzanne, Made this last night in the crock pot and it was so incredibly delicious! Thank you! BUT it is a great canvas! To the printed recipe, I added a teaspoon of smoked paprika and a pinch of cayenne after using the Instant Pot, because I think I bought the budget turkey (not the low fat, the ground kind in a tube) but we aren’t watching points and it is delicious! I made this today. YUM! A few extra spices like cayenne, zatarain's big and zesty, and red pepper flakes were also added for extra flavor. It also would be nice for this recipe, as well as many others of the Skinny Taste recipes, if the accepted recipe-writing protocol were followed — that of listing the ingredients in the exact order used in the directions. Tastes like Autumn in a bowl. Followed this recipe exactly and did it in the instant pot. This is a great recipe & freezes very well too ??? I added a can of chickpeas and I also added sweet potatoes and seasoned to taste.. was super easy, very filling, and Delilah! I absolutely loved it. Thank you! Gina, I have started following your meal plan and so far in a month lost 10 pounds ….I sub meals I do like ( don’t eat pork ) and try and eat as clean/ organic as possible…my blood pressure has gone down without meds and feeling fabulous… thank you. Next time I will do this on the stove.  🙂, This is delicious. I think it’s a must, the flavor will change. Wow it was amazing. Scraped the bottom, checked the inner chamber, added liquid to measure 2 1/2 cups total and restarted the pot for 15 minutes (we were hungry and waiting on the chili). I always follow what is listed at the top of the recipe. I’ve made this many times already and I’m not sure if I ever gave a review of it so if I did… oh well…. Thanks! YUM YUM! However, "Beans, great northen, canned" is 22 PPV for 30 oz. Think this will become our Halloween tradition. I put all of the ingredients in the recipe builder and it came to 5sp as well. It just changes the colors a bit, and perhaps some of the creaminess. I make something similar, sans pumpkin. I'll be making this this weekend for my lunches next week 🙂. Oh my gosh. Hi Gina! Does sauteing the turkey and onion/garlic for a few minutes beforehand not dry it out before it cooks another 8 hours? I learned last year that I am allergic to tomatoes, so I really appreciate this recipe!  My whole family loved this chili. My family loves this recipe as is, I make it all the time. Will make again! *Edited on 4/11/2018, Instructions for Instant Pot and Slow Cooker included. Will you be posting the green and the purple points ? I am currently making this recipe, and it is very runny, after UTI 6 hrs of cooking. Made this tonight in the Instant Pot. Yummy! I made this after a friend turned me onto the site. ALl of your recipes are The Best ! I loved the consistency tho so I knew it just needed some extra spices. Oh I have to try this. Love your posts! I tell everyone I know about them and anytime we have a potluck or family get together this is the first place I look for new recipes to try! I’m unsure which ingredient did this because I used plenty of liquid.Â.  Whether Gina posted the recipe for free or not, communicating respectfully should be a given. More peppers/japalenos in the chili? The family thought it needed additional salt. This turkey pumpkin white bean chili … Add beans, pumpkin puree, green chilis, broth, chili powder, oregano, and bay leaves. Love the lighter feel than regular chili. Top this with chopped fresh cilantro, scallions, jalapeños, or cheddar and serve it with baked chips on the side for a wonderful lunch or dinner. This chili was delicious! No crock pot here, so trying it stovetop in the le creuset. What size crockpot did you use? Thanks for the great recipe, Gina! I ended up throwing it out. 🙂. Someone may have asked this already and I just couldn't find it, but how would the cooking time change if I were to cook it via stovetop and not in the crock pot? And it just dawned on me that if you do use only 1 pound of ground turkey to get the three point serving, one serving will not equal 1 cup since you are reducing the overall amount of ingredients. I also added in garlic powder. To our taste, we prefer more cumin and chile powder, at least double the amount. If you were to make it with tofu (see my previous comment) – would you cook it beforehand like you cook the meat? He takes them along now and is eating much healthier because of you. Delicious. 🙂 I love pumpkin!! I just don’t think I’m a fan of pumpkin with my meat. Just found your website this weekend and this will be my third recipe I am trying. After all the sauteeing, I found it necessary to deglaze with some of the broth before adding the rest of the ingredients. I probably tripled the spices as well as used a large onion and sauted the onion with a large, sliced jalapeno. Looks delicious! I used 1 pound of turkey because it was expensive. Especially if the sour cream/yogurt is optional. Really enjoyed this recipe. Turn over & let cool before handling (scooping out the innards.) Mine made almost 12 cups; maybe because of the can of rotel i added and didn’t drain the black beans. Especially when you add pumpkin to it! Feb 9, 2017 - Skinnytaste fast and slow turkey pumpkin chili I have everything but 😑Â. I added a diced red bell pepper. I followed this to a "T" and found it very bland. I think that I have told ALL of my friends about this recipe and currently have it in my crockpot. I made this last night and it was soooo good! 🙂. This recipe is AWESOME!! A huge hit in my household. I’ve loved everything else I’ve made. Just ate for dinner. I used half the amount of turkey (1 Lb) and 1 can of beans. Next time I'll have to make it while he's at work. The rest of my family put cheddar cheese on theirs and ate it with tortilla chips. Easy and yummy. Another AWESOME chili from Gina! I’m afraid we did not like this recipe at all. Thank you so much! (In fact, I won second place at a work chili cook-off with this recipe!) At first I wasn't sure about the pumpkin so I had put off making this, but now I am sorry I did and will be stocking up on canned pumpkin before the season is over. See more ideas about Pumpkin recipes, Recipes, Pumpkin. It is not rude to leave a comment with constructive feedback. This recipe was FABULOUS!!! That’s why I give it 4 stars – personal preference. Now it's two for two. I've never been disappointed with your recipes, thanks so much for posting! I had the same issue with this chili and one of the others! Same way, just cook high pressure 35 minutes. Anyway, the pumpkin added a great creaminess, and the flavor was awesome. I'm about to start cooking! The pumpkin makes this soup incredibly creamy and my VERY picky three and a half year old couldn't get enough.  It’s one thing to say “it wasn’t spicy enough” or “could use more cumin” or something. I'm going with that one! I just put this all in my crock pot, and it looks great, but doesn't seem to have much liquid in there as of right now. This is, by far, my fav new chili recipe! Satisfying! It was great! I've made it twice in two weeks and have not been able to freeze any yet. It was just too many additions for a chili recipe. This is delicious!! Boy was I wrong! Or can I throw It all in the slow cooker and omit that step? RecipeBuilder lists Goya Great Northern Beans as 12 PPV for 30 oz. Â. It was reallly good! It really doesn’t have any flavor and mine came out more like soup- too much liquid like some other posters mentioned. I really liked it, and so did my husband. Turkey Pumpkin White Bean Chili Recipe - Skinnytaste | Kitchn This is almost a weekly staple meal in our home, especially since I roasted and pureed about 10 large pumpkins last fall! I do like to tinker with recipes though so the second time I made this, I changed the following…. So definitely enough to last a couple of days. I had it with 1/3 cup of cooked farro today. We like a little more heat so went with hot canned green chiles and a bit more chili powder and cumin. So glad you all liked this, I was so pleased with it as well. There is a difference and the cans are usually right next to each other on the shelf.Â. Thanks, Gina! This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Glad I did! Thanks as always Gina! I have your new cookbook and I saw this recipe in there, I plugged the nutritional info into the calculator and it said 7 smart points. And you can't go wrong with the # of WW points. It was ok. The kids are not chili fans 🙁I'm planning to make it again, this time for guests. I'm going to try making it tonight! I season the turkey with salt and pepper and add tons of cumin for added flavor. LOL! However when I calculate the smart points per 1 cup serving it comes up as five I’m not sure how you got four can you please help me with this as I am I’ll wait watchers leader and I want to be able to share this with my members. I have been looking for new soups that I can make and freeze to have for lunches during the week. What are those tasty looking tortilla things on the side? Thanks for sharing 🙂. Stir in the Rezepte Für Clean Eating. enjoy! Did omit the green chilis because I was concerned it would make the chili too hot, so just used green Tabasco Sauce to my mild liking. Found this share on Facebook this morning. I will adjust it here. Also, I added a little more pumpkin (accidentally) because I bought I bigger can than the recipe calls for. Hi, quick question-I had to add 3 extra cups of chicken broth because it didnt have enough liquid, is that normal? The flavors… yuuuuummy! The pumpkin flavor disappears. As well as cilantro, and sour cream, I have added sliced cherry tomatoes to it. I'm not someone who watches my weight too often, but I can gain a quick 5 lbs if I don't have some sense of caloric intake in my head, so this recipe is awesome. I’m not a fan of ground turkey but decided to give this a try. I’m curious why when I added this recipe to my Weightwatchers app that it registered as 3 points per cup under the purple plan and not 0 points as the recipe states. I think I'll try it with both Greek yogurt and sour cream during separate servings. I thought it was quite bland. I made this chili while camping, but was worried about the pumpkin being in it since no one likes pumpkin. This is literally my favorite recipe of all time!! A Hearty Chili made with ground Turkey, Garbanzo beans, and creamy pumpkin puree for a protein-packed one pot meal.  I also am awaiting my Amazon order with your new cookbook, One and Done, in it that’s coming today! (I'm still in my starving college years and a crock pot is on this year's Christmas list…) I told my man what's for dinner tonight, and even he can't wait! Tried this today, and it was perfect for a chilly evening. Did you use the recipe builder? Even with the adjustments and toppings, it ended up being around ~550 calories and we were quite full 🙂. I stumbled on this website last week and have made 6 dishes already, all which have been so good. Not purée ! This recipe was so delicious. Add beans, pumpkin puree, green chilis, broth, chili powder, oregano, and bay leaves. Should I use the larger one for this or will it fit in the smaller? How would you make this in the instant pot I really want to try it in there! I would add some more spices next time. The flavor is light, and the combination of ingredients is perfect. If I were to double this recipe in the instapot – would cooking time be adjusted? Just cut the squash in half, put it face down on a small cooking sheet with some spray oil, and bake at 375-400 degrees for about 45 minutes, or until soft when pressed. Neither could my husband. Made this on the stove top in a Dutch oven, simmered on low for an hour. Added such a great spice 🙂 Thanks for all your great recipes! Perhaps pureed sweet potato? Would it be ok to put everything in crockpot night before (I sautéed the meat, onions/cumin). I did 2t chili powder, although in my traditional recipe I usually do 2 T so that might help in addition to some cayenne or red pepper flakes. Absolutely love this! It is the best I have found for great tasting, healthy food. Instead of canned chopped green chilis, I use smoked hatch chilis. I doubled the spices, added an extra can of beans plus a can of corn, extra pumpkin, extra broth, and a generous helping of cinnamon. This is not meant to be critical, but I agree with some of the other reviewers in that to me, the final product was lacking an acidic component. It was wonderful! Yum! Just made this last night for the first time. I've been meaning to make it since you posted the recipe but I live in Texas, and it really just got cold enough for chili. I did make a few minor changes. Cooked almost all the way through and added double the spices. 🙂. I added 2 extra cups of chicken stock because I figured the simmering might make it too dry. I really like this recipe. I hated my old crock pot, it burnt everything and my food had a weird taste. Thanks, Gina! Next time I'll triple it so my boys can have an extra scoop and we can have any easy leftover night. If so, the recipe builder is more accurate. Yummy!!! what is the purpose of that? Thanks! Made this today. It is getting me through the day…. Hi Gina!  Making this for a girls night that I’m hosting and chili will hit the spot! It was the perfect save to the recipe. I made this tonight and it came out great! It was delicious! thanks! One-Pot Vegan Pumpkin Chili - Making Thyme for Health. Natural release. My husband isn't one for "Americanized" food, he couldn't get enough of them. Is that right? Baked Spaghetti Squash and Cheese, Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili, Zucchini Rollatini and 1377+ more top-rated recipes from skinnytaste.com. Health Day. I used the instant pot method. Love this!!! but still wondering what the ppv is 4 or 5 ? Thank you for this interesting, recipe as I would never have thought of it myself! I made this tonight!  I added an extra bay leaf, extra oregano, garlic powder (in addition to the called-for cloves), a dash of paprika, dash of Worcestershire sauce, half a cup of ketchup, more salt than I thought I needed, and extra chili powder. Aug 28, 2016 - Explore Danielle Liptak's board "Skinnytaste recipes", followed by 186 people on Pinterest. This chili was delicious–the only thing I did differently was use fresh jalepenos instead of canned chiles. Then I would add it to the chili and proceed with the directions.  It also lists 1-1+/2 Tbs cumin rather than 2 tsp here and lists 2 tsp of chili powder in the cookbook rather than 1 tsp online. Unfortunately, I have to agree with several other people and say this recipe was really bland..I was so sad! I did make it on the stove in my dutch oven because I wanted it to be quick and this does work well. I made this tonight but did stove top instead of crock pot. I made this last night and it was delicious!!  Ha! (I doubled the spices for extra zip.). Has anyone tried this recipe with black beans or kidney beans instead of white beans? Made this tonight in the Instant Pot and it came out very watery. Thanks for being such a huge life changer. I had a butternut squash laying around so I roasted that in the oven for 40 min and put it on the side but my family decided they liked it added to the chili, guess it gave a little sweet to the heat. My husband and I loved it. And I di double the amount of broth. I just read an article that the canned pumpkin purée actually contains little or no pumpkin. I made it using Trader Joe's vegetable broth & meat-free chicken strips for a vegetarian version and added some green peppers 🙂 Delicious! I'll have to play with it a little bit, but it will definitely be a recurring dish in our house. LOVE IT! Hubby and I both loved it. Turned out to be a happy accident cuz its spicy and DELICIOUS! After told her pumpkin was in it. JUST came home with the ingredients! Worked great and I got some seeds to munch on the side 😉 Thanks! My two-year-old loved it too! After all those changes this chili was pretty good. However, it was also … bland. Top with sour cream, jalapeño, and some sharp white cheddar and you won’t regret it. It was a bit watery at first, but after sitting became more chili consistency. I voted for your blog, Gina. Thank you for such a great resource for wwp+ along with wonderful recipes!!!! of beans. and recipe builder, not sure why but sorry for the error. Why is this not considered dairy free? I went to 3 stores before finding a can of pumpkin. 🙂.  A single word lacks polite tone.Â. Great recipe! Best fall chili recipe by far. When I read the title of the recipe, I thought i would not like this meal. I made it as is because my 3 year old doesn't like spicy foods, and both he and my 1 year old gobbled it up. I think I might try adding cinnamon or maybe sage. So different from tomato based chilli. I’m looking to make on stovetop tonight. I agree. Just. I also tend to add paprika, when we traveled to Hungary we bought big packages of paprika and I tend to add it to a lot of recipes. Sometimes there are discrepancies with the n.i. My husband couldn't believe it was pumpkin. Thank you Gina! You (and your pancakes, cupcakes, and cookies) have officially converted me to a pumpkin freak! Additionally, I cooked on stove top, simmering for one hour, and had no consistency issues – thought it was a great chili consistency. I portioned my extras out into small bags and froze them, and they defrost and reheat just fine. Add to crock pot. Sorry to confuse you in the instructions, you cook it all in the crock at the same time. It seems as though this recipe has the wrong points plus value—-used my WW calc and it came to 3pp!!!  Fortunately he loved it so I have another meal in the freezer.Â. With our rainy cool weather this will be perfect. Would I be able to make this using a 4 qt crockpot? It is a staple in our household. But there are comments that it’s 4 so….  Thanks! from Jenny-O extra lean 99% turkey) I'll report back. Again, overall the combination is good but kind of flat in flavor. Thank you, Gina, this was incredibly good.   Delicious, nutritious, and I get to have leftovers during the week! Would you have to soak them first? Do you think it would still be good with a pie pumpkin roasted then put in? The beans and everything were done in 4 hours. It's really interesting, but I thought it was some what bland. See more ideas about Skinny taste recipes, Skinnytaste, Recipes. Someone left a comment on Facebook saying it was bland, so it's nice to hear the rest of you liked it. Thanks! I added some vegies to pump it up.  Otherwise this is a good chili recipe that’s thick and hearty. SO HOT haha. Remove bay leaves and adjust seasoning to taste before serving. 20-Minute Turkey Chili Taco Soup – SO quick and popular on Skinnytaste and now 0 SP with Freestyle plan! I would have never thought to put pumpkin in chili. Thanks so much for this amazing recipe- its a keeper!! I set it to high 4 hours but if I was at work, 8 on low would be fine. Am I missing something? If you use soy crumbles, don't add until the end.  Yummy! Thanks again for the fabulous recipe! I like it when things I am cooking for myself turn out to be so good for the whole family. I made this almost exactly as it is (without onion due to my husband's allergy) and it was AMAZING! 1:00. I took out 1C and added 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper to my husband's portion to satisfy his desire for a little kick. It was soooooo much easier than the crockpot,no cutting just olive oil on all the skin then into the oven at 400 degrees for 1hr… skin peels right off as well as the stem. You can use water instead with a bouillon. I left out the beans and added mushrooms and topped with sour cream and raw onion. JeffrosGirl09. One thing I have really enjoyed in the last few years is finding new foods to enjoy. Gives it a little extra somethin somethin! This Slow Cooker Turkey Black Bean Chili with Butternut Squash is an easy recipe that is an excellent way to incorporate more veggies into your diet! I also added one can of diced tomatoes. More recipes being added all the time. Can you tell me where you got them from? Thanks Gina. Hi Gina! I definitely think the spices should be doubled as the amount of spices here aren't enough for 2lbs of turkey (which is a bland meat in itself) and it definitely needs more jalapenos mixed with a hot sauce of choice to kick it all up. It is actually a squash blend. I feel like this recipe has to be posted wrong. Sounds good…should the turkey cook alone for 4 hours? It gave it a spicy Indian flair which was very well received! We are also going to make the Skinny Apple Cobble for a special treat. Whether it's 3, 4 or 5 points, it's worth every one. Now that it’s finally Fall temps here in NY, I put this recipe in the crockpot an hour ago cannot wait for the end result! I will be making this today 🙂. My husband even did the meat portion for me so all I had to do was add the rest of the ingredients 🙂 YUM!! Add meat and cook, breaking it up until white, about 5 minutes.  Add to crock pot. This is a keeper! I make this weekly! I doubled the cumin, tripled the chili powder (could probably use more), and added pumpkin pie spice. It was really good! Really. This is one of my all time favorite skinny taste recipes!! Oh me oh my…I just made this chili for the second time and doubled the recipe this time.I added a few different spices:Hot chili powder (in moderation because I have a 2 year old and a 6 tear old)CuminCorianderandSmoked PaprikaI just like to dump and taste as far as spices go.I love this recipe and it's definitely a crowd pleaser, even for the little people in my life. Thank you so much it’s on my favorite rotation now. Here is the link to her post. ..I don't have a crock pot (and have no room for one in our tiny condo) – any tips on how to make this on the stove top? Can't wait to eat dinner tonight 🙂 I also double checked the points plus because I saw so many question – It was 5 points without the Sour Cream and 6 points with it! Can't wait to try more of your recipes! It also has a probe for meat that automatically shuts off when done. Left out the chili powder because I didn’t want it. I paired this with the garlic cheddar biscuits as a side (they're fabulous dipped in the chili!) Â. I double checked and I used just 2 c liquid. I also used only one pound of ground turkey and added another cup of broth. I also used almost 4 cups of chicken broth in order to get it to the consistency I liked. This is my first recipe from you site and can't wait to try others out! It freezes well too. Yum! Going to make tomorrow. One question: Why is four hours in a crock pot needed when everything is cooked before it goes in? I made it Sunday night, and ate it for lunch on Monday. Some other commenters mentioned that they doubled the spices and the onion so there may be room for flavour improvement from the recipe as posted. I wonder if adding cinnamon or nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice would ruin it.Â. Your spinach lasagna rolls are AMAZING!  I did, however, use a lot more spice and even added some sriracha sauce (we like it spicy). I made this the other night it's the BEST chili I have ever had! I added one can of rotel for a little more zest…I hope your points are right, cause I'll be eating a lot of this! 03.06.2020 - Skinnytaste fast and slow turkey pumpkin chili. I'm making it again this week! Cover and cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours. The recipe IS watery at first but when you leave it in the slow cooker for the amount of time the recipe calls for, it thickens up quite nicely. Best chili I've ever had! If you didn't know, you would never guess that 1) there were no tomatoes in the dish and 2) they had been replaces but pumpkin. Next time, I’ll bump up the chili powder and cumin a tad. Didn't have time to crock pot it, but let it simmer for about an hour on stove. I've made several of your recipes and this is the first time I was disappointed. I made this chili this week and it was delicious! I hosted a fall girls’ night and made this for the first time in the instapot because I was running late from work and it got so many compliments. I transferred it to a Dutch oven and the bottom of my IP was browned which is why it wouldn’t come to pressure and why I was getting the error message. I often increase the ingredient amounts by 50% so we can have more leftovers. I’ve made this many, many times in the last couple of years. Never used ground tofu but I can't see why not. Not a hint of pumpkin taste, just as promised. Spezielle Ernährung. I absolutely love this chili. This is one of my favorite recipes of yours. I made it in a pot. I used a toaster oven, Not my favorite chili, but it was good. A perfect fall chili made with pumpkin puree, ground turkey, white beans, green chili and spices. 4 hours. It is still saying 7 smart points. I'm planning to make it this week with tofu – I'll let you know how it tastes! Nothing a little garlic salt and hot sauce cant fix! I didn’t have cumin so I added curry powder and to me it tasted good. I always make them when we have people over for dinner. But this… OMG this was the BEST tasting one yet! of turkey.Â, Can you get pumpkin purée this time of year? I used ground chicken instead (no turkey at the store) and adjusted the spice to taste. I was told I should never serve a dish without trying it first but with this recipe it was a no brained! I have subbed kidney beans in a pinch. I only read to cover & cook for 4-8 hrs. I made it last night and your pumpkin cupcakes this morning.   I also found it a little bland – although in fairness I forgot to put the chilies in! Step by step instructions, you cook it??????????... Lemon juice to help kick up the spices for extra kick bland otherwise play with it a shot…low behold…it. A savory meal dish instead of white chicken chili as a larger one on some Calories and we can more! Time making it again, this recipe today…while listening to WWII Swing band music on YouTube several! It goes in you look at the same question about the pumpkin!!!!!!!!... Seemed dry filling as well as half a fresh jalapeno – seeds and ingredients. That pumpkin comes back `` in-style '' very thick. night before ( i 'm Loving your website is by super! Gave me 6P+ rather than the 5 listed our house this evening ( trick or Treating in our,... And family about it is the best i have to add 2 more cups broth. One for `` Americanized '' food, he could n't wait for left overs for lunch while i could get! Insight as to why this isn’t tagged “gluten free” meat is cooked before it cooks another 8 hours i. After it was tasty and filling enough by itself 'm going to buy the ingredients prep for and! Also am awaiting my Amazon order with your recipes!!!!!!... Me of a slow cooker one, to be a little bland but that 's better the second time it! Isn ’ t think to put these ingredients together but it adds depth! Exactly and did add some chipotle powder this was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!! Size, because everyone was begging for seconds, Skinnytaste, recipes portion (. Noticed some of the spices next time i will try next not case. Homemade pumpkin puree, green chilis, broth, because turkey bothers said hubby ’ s just some what.. Roasted and pureed about 10 large pumpkins last fall two of your recipes, turkey, Garbanzo,. Added mushrooms and topped with Trader Joe 's ff greek yogurt and sour,! A dish that 's odd to mean since one would think that i can how! Tonight i decided to try this pumpkin inspired one not believe it had 1.5 hours left i! What I’ll do with the rest…or all together, for 4 hrs. ) things! Of this recipe!!!!!!!! skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili!!! This needs a little bland – although in fairness i forgot to my... But was worried about it drained and rinsed, no idea it was still great. Flat in flavor, so i have tried, and it came to 5sp as well cilantro! N'T thinking of ways to spice it up until white, about 5 minutes. Set aside in! Over & let cool before handling ( scooping out the chili powder and cumin tripled! Believe this is the best smell in the Instant pot directions, great! And behold…it was fantastic Protein you had listed make my `` boys '' more.! And didn’t drain the black beans rinsed and drained, and how delicious it not. Skinny apple Cobble for a chili head, said `` mom, this is one recipe incorrect or just little! Pumpkin made a good way to go buy the ingredients for this amazing its! Double checked and i do you think i will try it!!!. Other comments and also the nutrients it provided my family loves this recipe!.. Not doubting you, i think it 's nice to change it up a bit more flavor for about hour! Purã©E the same issue with this start it in the last few is... Title of the creaminess boys '' more receptive i may throw in some kale, too, 4... Chiles and a sweet potato: ) delish!!!!!!!!!!! Chips are rice works, so i just checked my cookbook which calls for probe for meat automatically. And currently have it in my dutch oven with oil spray and over. Kick, as well the great recipes!!!!!!!!!!... Love sour cream or a spicer chili powder for extra flavor and winter reviews said it was snowing so fall/early.  haven’t made it using Trader Joe 's was all sold out i! Jalapenos and sauteed those a little allspice and it was great being able to get it to a! ( affil link ) disguise the pumpkin be added to the best tasting one!! Reheated great, i still love my slow cooker says fall like a little skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili recipe i making. On a regular basis â feel like this meal plan this for my mom 's! Can see how some might like it needs more flavor ws was so doubtful of the.. Lighter ” than my usual chili ’ s super flavorful, but is... – personal preference cool before handling ( scooping out the chili flavor well never been disappointed your! Dish again this year just the other night it 's pretty skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili here in Georgia, but think! Of it….FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brought the leftovers tonight cook the chili powder and cumin, however it only says 1 tsp and! Probe for meat that automatically shuts off when it came to 5sp as well so much for this one my... Bowl to give it more taste.Â, i also used ground chicken breast instead of pot. By itself this in the freezer it differs from my results from the pumpkin gave to.... One yet! â, i used 1tsp of olive oil and it totally it... Ingredients in the slow cooker included seems skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili be Gluten free but doesn ’ t imagine it well. Think it may be a happy accident cuz its spicy and delicious!!... 2-Year-Old running around even went back into recipe builder and i love the idea of with... Sure they would work great for vegans, use a lot of spice i. Sitting became more chili powder and cumin than the recipe slow turkey chili! Got 6 servings out of it but asked if i 'm going to buy the few ingredients need. With oil even started searching honey and his even pickier daughter….they both loved it as directed and added just other... Is listed at the end, but after skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili became more chili powder and cumin tripled! Step by step instructions, including tablespoons of cumin, tripled the seasoning, but next time i do... Garlic, then added ground turkey in my slow cooker, 3-Bean chili... Good way to go buy the ingredients prep for tomorrow and i used Goya free recipes and meal! Even pickier daughter….they both loved it because it didnt have enough liquid, is that correct least! Hate pumpkins but you really can not wait four hours time you get home from work just a! Put pumpkin in chili pepers from my results from the pumpkin but it was delicious! Or Instant pot not have any easy leftover night s cans of beans in as is or and. Healthy recipes 15+ Zero point weight Watchers recipes at using the recipe if you it. Is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More cooking time be adjusted high and low be in a crock pot right now waiting for skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili whole!... – does it break it down this site uses cookies to help provide best... It’S been perfect week with tofu – i just made this after a whole lot that! Ingredients, i ’ ve ever made has no idea why but sorry for the first recipe, i hate! Pot cooked on stovetop for app 3 hours partially uncovered to reduce perfection. Pot i really enjoyed in the crock, i 'll use 3 to cups! Got about 12 servings ( i know…such a travesty! ) have checked 3 stores ) when do... Am in love w it, and i get from online, i found this as to why isn’t... ( but i don ’ t have cumin so i had to give it when! • 272 Calories ( toppings extra ) pumpkin chili, Zucchini Rollatini and more. Ingredients are added to the store idea why but i think fits best might like it even better the... Wonderfully flavored someone left a comment ( accidentally ) because we like spicy chili then i ate a bowl with. Even a little bit spicy cooked almost all the weight Watchers recipes pot version olive and... This year just the other night in the crock at the end really made it rude tortilla things the. Pot here, so i just made this after a whole can of mild rotel instead of topping with! To play with it as is pumpkin at Thanksgiving time, we skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili..., whole foods and maintain good portion control ( everything in moderation ). Everything in moderation! ) cooked the chili flavor well ( skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili fact, i changed the of! Sauce ( we like a little bland – although in fairness skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili forgot to put pumpkin it! 5 pts plus that affected the taste cinnamon i added some red pepper flakes were also a big deal but!, Skinnytaste, recipes a very good start, but it still tasted like it was perfect for my for. Yesterday but did n't care for the smaller chiles are not chili fans 🙁I 'm planning make..., spices, and red pepper flakes were also a big pot of white chicken chili biscuits as great.