Watch the video above. Bloody oath, did we just take an elevator up to heaven or what? Is it a small kangaroo gone wrong? About 500,000 tourists a year visit the island, and that number is set to grow to more than 600,000 by the end of 2016. See more ideas about funny selfies, bones funny, selfie. In one incident, the two sons of the pastor of the church that ran the place had a gaggle of sycophants surrounding them, everyone laughing at what must have been the most hilarious thing they'd ever seen. According to, citing a Channel 7 interview, Jones, who goes by cambojones2020 on instagram, said: “As I walked back to my bike, the quokka chased after me, I put down the GoPro [camera] and it jumped at me as if to say come ‘come back’.” Choose Happiness; the latest campaign by Coca Cola, spreading the wrong message about selfies. Quokka Selfie Attempt 2 - Nailed the Quokka, shadowed me. Giving consumers the chance to win one of 1,000,000 selfie sticks, so beware of a tidal wave sticks on the way. selfies selfie toilet self taking newzar take definition popular internet most far. By James Carmody. Even a cursory search of the web will pull up hundreds of media articles on the quokka's photogeneity and thousands of social media pictures, including "quokka selfies". Thanks for the opportunity to win. These Australian balls of cuteness took the Internet by storm a few years back when they became a selfie sensation! The Quokka, an irrestistibly adorable and happy-looking marsupial native to Australia, is now at the epi-center of what is possibly the cutest trend we've ever seen – the Quokka selfie. They’re unpredictable, hard to control and sometimes they bite. Related Items animal group selfie animal selfie app animal selfies gone wrong baby quokka for sale best animal selfies Featured funniest animal selfies selfie animal australia selfie quokka. Rottnest Island: Where quokkas are the true Selfie-pros. Toilet Selfies – Newzar. Most tourists plan their Australian adventure with a focus on the East coast… but the travelers who only visit Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef are missing out. An the second one is Maria Russell “Smile”, because everyone tells me to smile. quokka selfie australia cute trend cutest rodent right. 8 Followers • 5 Following • Went for extra degree of difficulty with the night time shot. has put together an informative guide on how to take a selfie with a quokka. Lawyer Nick Terry told the court Mr Hames had no intention or knowledge that he was doing anything wrong, and was trying to show those with him that quokkas were surprisingly good swimmers. The Bachelor's Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska are obviously enjoying their new lives together in Western Australia, with Irena having decided to move from Melbourne for her new beau. We know how much you want that quokka selfie, but be patient and respect the animals. No! Coca Cola Selfie Sticks. Sometimes these animal selfies Quokkas certainly make for some of the more unique animals in the news. When Multitasking Goes Wrong; That’s alright mate, I got it all on camera; Carpark Crash; MS Brissie to the Bay Crash ; Russia World Cup Celebrations; Egg Toss; Sheeplechase; Riding with the Roos; Epic Stack in St Louis; The Trolls’ Path, Norway; Just a Little Wet; Head on in The Hague; Kangaroo Crash; Up Close and Personal; Saturday Streaking in London; Hold on Tight! Internet goes wild over the "world's sexiest koala" Share . Editors. selfie apps profile yo dp shutterstock treat android status arndt vladimir digitaltrends mobile ios. Quokka Selfie Is The Cutest Trend In Australia Right Now. on Pinterest. Quokka selfies for Rottnest Island in Australia (, 2015), with Quokkas now being described as “selfie-loving animals”. Selfie PRO • 15 Pins. Babys Selfies. Given how happy they always looks, it's almost like they like the attention! Stamp Set . If a zoologist would explain to you what they are, he would probably say that they are wallaby-like marsupials about the size of a cat. When animal selfies go right (and wrong) Taking pictures with animals is notoriously difficult. Wildlife Tourism. Unique to Rottnest Island and small areas of the West Australian coast, these cute little critters have featured in more selfies than the Kardashians - no pouting necessary, just an adorable smile! Dangerous Selfie. How to take that quokka selfie? Even a cursory search of the web will pull up hundreds of media articles on the quokka's photogeneity and thousands of social media pictures, including "quokka selfies". Selfie PRO • 14 Pins. Here are people taking selfies with them. Instagram post by Allan Dixon - Adventurer • Jan 9, 2017 at 9:38am UTC. Everyone who goes to this island posts their quokka selfies have been really great for the visibility of the quokka and of Rottnest Island in general. Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit's largest humour depository. Man Takes Hilarious Animal Selfies On His Trip. News Just In. The quokka, a close cousin of the kangaroo, rocketed to internet fame when tourists began taking selfies with the animal, which is unafraid of humans and appears to smile for pictures. While the video was taken in 2017, the footage has now gone viral. Truly Unique Gift & Gear for mobile and tablet Photographers. Though interest in these friendly nocturnal animals can also be a big challenge— touching and feeding the quokkas isn’t good for them —the increase in Rottnest Island tourism helps raise awareness and fund continued research and care for these threatened Australian marsupials. The small animals that like to wander around Rotto as if they own the place (which they kinda do) are called quokkas. Posts Tagged With: Quokka Selfie . I was not one of them. It's like nobody knew about them before, and then all of a sudden these selfies got really, really popular. Quokka’n Up! Selfie PRO. Rottnest Island, home of quokka selfies, goes from holiday paradise to coronavirus quarantine zone. Meet the Quokka. ... the Popular Kids could do no wrong. Claim: Photographs show a real animal with an apparent resting smile called a quokka. Selfie PRO • 8 Pins. Everyone knows, West is best! The rat´s nest real deal: How to effortlessly make a quokka selfie happen Yep, the name ´Rottnest´ is actually a weird sort of love declaration to the fun-loving furry marsupials, because, just like you, 17th century Dutch explorers didn´t know what hit them when they saw these cuties for the first time. Aug 8, 2014 - No...Selfies Aren't Stupid - Funny Animal Memes and GIFs that are pure comedy gold. Selfie PRO | Truly Unique Gift & Gear for mobile and tablet Photographers. 12. Mar 11, 2016 - Explore Flippin' Tickled, Inc.'s board "Selfies.. Don't Be Shy!" Selfie PRO. Welcome to Perth, the sunniest and most isolated capital in the world! Saved by Animal Hub. Mar 13th 2019 4:07PM. After a 'reasonable' night in the tents (girls vs. boys) B got up to go to the dunny and managed to sneak down to the beach to take this amazing shot as the sun came over the Island. Cute Selfies. It’s hard to smile lately but I’m trying. Went for extra degree of difficulty with the night time shot. Miniature marsupial, tourist attraction and the happiest animal on the planet. Follow. Glückliche Tiere Tiere Und Haustiere Niedliche Tiere Lustige Tiere Australien Tiere Australische Tiere Tierfreund Tierliebe Fabelwesen. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect our natural wonders for future generations to enjoy. And if you look around underneath the dry, scrubby heath, you might see a quokka skull, teeth bared in a smile, even in death. And then, you know, went like viral on social media and now everybody knows about them. Posted Wed Wednesday 25 Mar March … 14) Quokka Selfies Make For Some Unique Animal Stories In The News. Perth and its surrounding areas boast so much soul-kissing beauty that it can truly bring a tear or two to your eyes at times… I am not crying, you are! For the audio-story, please click here. Since the allegation had gone public, Mr Hames had received threatening emails and the experience had been “devastating” for his family, the court heard. The Best Selfie Apps for Android and iOS | Digital Trends . Creative Selfies. Video has emerged of the moment Tyler Eadsforth's quokka selfie went horribly wrong. The first one is from Jo Thompson “I love you this much”, its what I tell my husband every morning before he goes to work. Quokka selfies became popular around 2012 when one quokka selfie went viral. Selfie PRO 's best boards. Instagram is cracking down on quokka selfies and people aren’t happy Comment The level of cute in these images is second to none (Credit: Instagram/annaleis_, rocketblast27)